West Coast Wellness & Skin Health Centre
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North Vancouver, B.C.  V7M 1H3

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The Answer to a more radiant you!

The definition of beauty, health and wellness is shaped by many factors Including genetics, life experiences, the media, and how we process it all. 

When the picture in our mind’s eye doesn’t reflect that in the mirror, we may be motivated to reconcile that image by exercising, being mindful of nutrition, sleep and other healthy measures.


If there are areas that are not responding to your dedicated life style changes, we offer treatment plans that may be able help you to reach your goals.  Some of the treatments include cellulite and wrinkle reduction, eradicating jowls, smoothing the décolleté or chest, toning and tightening arms, legs and abdomen.  We can help to smooth and shape other areas of the body as well. To complete your look, we also offer treatments to rejuvenate your skin.


At West Coast Wellness and Skin Health Centre, our goal is to help you look good and feel better.

We are dedicated to your total well-being. Mind and body. Health and beauty.  From rejuvenating and restoring your body to reviving your spirit and relaxing your mind, we do it all, so you can, too!


Whatever your view point is, we can help. 

Your health is important to us. 

  • Body Sculpting, Skin-tightening treatments with no pain or downtime (Link to Legacy)
  • BOTOXâ, Xeomin and Dermal Fillers ( link to products)
  • Relax, Energy work  ( link to  Massage/Bio Energy Healing)
  • Rejuvenate, Vitamin Infusions ( link to Environ skin care)
  • Counselling (link to Jonah)